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  • About Tanner Iskra

    After his stint in the Marine Corps, Tanner Iskra became a producer on his own time. As a digital media producer, he worked with various companies to produce promotional videos, features, and teasers.


    This former soldier and cameraman have also done post-production work for other companies. In his role as a post-production editor, Iskra drew on his extensive background in archive work and on-location filmmaking. Also, he oversaw the color and graphics correction for customers' movies, shows, and corporate projects during this period.


    Iskra was a combat cameraman and cinematographer with the Marine Corps for over a decade. His tenure with the force lasted from July 2003 to January 2015. During that time, he produced, directed, and edited several of the department's award-winning media projects. He has worked as an executive director, producer, production manager, and post-production supervisor.


    During that time, he oversaw a staff of thirty photographers, animators, illustrators, and videographers. Besides such duties, he also had to:
    Including many cultural perspectives in finalized works,
    Crafting objective-driven advertising plans,
    Cooperation between Law Firms,
    Translation and cultural adaptation,
    Routine upkeep and care,
    Setting the Stage for Production,
    Help with both programming and production.


    Aside from his duties as a combat cameraman, Tanner Iskra also took photos for the news. He was a professional photographer whose job was to record newsworthy activities worldwide.

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